NONI Healthcare Organic Enzyme Juice

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Noni Introduction

Noni has more than one hundred kinds of organic & inorganic ingredients, and has been widely used in modern preventive medicine. Noni can be used as daily food or nutrition supplements. Except for the special ingredients, Noni also contains vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, carbohydrate, amino acid, and fatty acid etc. These ingredients are the essential substance of the human body, so we can say that Noni is a very nutritious fruit and a full range of nutritional supplements. It has been made of enzymes juice, powder, fruit tea, fruit honey, dried fruit soup, cosmetic and wine etc. 

Noni Compound Juice: selecting organic ripe Noni fruit and a variety of nutritious fruits such as blueberry, aloe vera, mangosteen and coniferous cherry etc. after natural fermenting, pressing and filtering to obtain the Noni enzyme compound juice. This series compound juice focus on the taste and efficacy, can meet the needs of different customer groups.


1. Metabolism: Help cells repair and regenerate; strengthen the immune system.
2. Decomposition digestion: break down to easily absorbed substance by body.
3. Anti-inflammatory sterilization: promote the transport of white blood cells, enhance the body’s self-healing ability.
4. Sleep aids: can regulate human sleep quality.
5. Regulate body: adjust the body environment, promote intestinal balance, regulate weight balance.
6. Vascular dredge: breaking the dirt on blood vessel wall, remove the waste, promote blood circulation, can improve the high blood pressure.
7. Activated Reproductive Function: delay female recession in ovarian cells and improve reproductive function.
8. Anti-tumor: combined with drugs, can complement each other, reduce side effects.
9. Antioxidant: anti-aging, whitening, wrinkle decrease

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